Illinois Urges Motorists to Celebrate 4th Holiday Weekend Safely

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White urged motorists who plan to celebrate the country’s independence day to drive unimpaired this Fourth of July holiday weekend.
“Drunk and drugged driving results in death and injury on our roadways every year,” White said. “Let’s keep the roads safe by making  sure our drivers are sober.”

  • In 2014, sixteen percent of fatalities, three out eighteen deaths, during the 4th of July holiday in Illinois were alcohol related, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).
  • According to the National Highway Transportation Administration,  an average of one alcohol-related fatality occurs every 53 minutes.
  • A DUI conviction can cost a driver more than $16,500 in legal fees, court costs and insurance, according to the Secretary of State’s 2015 Illinois DUI Fact Book.
  • On January 1, 2014, the use of medicinal marijuana became legal in Illinois. However, driving under the influence under any marijuana is illegal and may result in loss driving privileges and the driver’s medicinal marijuana card.

White suggests that those participating in 4th of July celebrations involving alcohol take public transportation, a taxi, or designate a sober driver. White also reminds those who plan to drive to use seat belts.


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