Wow! Bobbi Kristina’s family member shopping death bed photo to magazines

This is just sick. Someone is trying to get paid off of Bobbi Kristina’s near-death condition.
A member of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family is busy shopping a photo of the 22-year-old as she lies in bed nearing death, the media has reported.
The photo was taken of “Krissy” as she lays in bed in a hospice in a north Atlanta suburb, reported. They stated an extended family member, who was hovering over Bobbi Kristina, snapped a photo and tried to sell the photo the entertainment publication.
This is eerily similar to the family member who secretly snapped a picture of Whitney Houston in her coffin after she had passed three years ago and then sold it to a major entertainment tabloid.
According to, there is interest in the photos, so there is a chance the public will see Bobbi Kristina in her near-death condition soon.

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