Hood 2 Hire Launches Workforce Training Program

The inaugural launch of Hood-2-Hire (H2H) workforce training program was held Saturday, Sept. 18th with Commissioner Bill Lowry, Mica Battle (Bridge to Freedom) and Gloria Batey (Hood-2-Hire) for the inaugural launch of Hood-2-Hire (H2H) workforce training program.

H2H in partnership with Bridge to Freedom (B2F) welcomed the first training cohort, beginning with a Discovery Workshop to assess their learning and employment needs.  H2H is built around two (2) learning tracks: Entry Level to get the job and Licensure for Worker Empowerment.

The Entry-level training tracks include: five basic workforce domains:

  • Industry job descriptions and hiring requisites;, i.e., Trucking, Food Service & Sanitation, Client Servicing
  • Discovery Workshop & Assessment
  • Computer Literacy
  • Workforce Preparation, i.e., soft skills, business conduct guidelines, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Job Placement, i.e., search engines, resume writing, mock interviews, employer references

The Power training tracks are built around helping participants achieve licensure, i.e., Food Sanitation or Commercial Drivers License (CDL) or certification, equipping them with advance skills for promotion, higher wages, upward mobility and  broader options.  The H2H Cohort Programs will bridge the gap of the unemployed, under-employed, and displaced workers from minority communities by providing job readiness and industry workforce skills. The outcomes of educational training and workshops  prepares these populations for better job opportunities and moving into lucrative careers. The H2H MODEL follows a socio-economic impact agenda by targeting individuals 16+ and including the unemployed, under-employed, homeless, returning citizens, LBGTQ+, asylum seekers, immigrants, and domestic violence and sex trafficking victims as participants. H2H partners with food, transportation, retail and client servicing firms, industries highly impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns and currently facing mass hiring needs.


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