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As many cities begin some phase of reopening and getting back to normal, for some of us, after developing new habits over the past 12 weeks, motivation can be unpredictable, especially when it comes to fitness.

Social media has become an endless source of information for the fitness industry. Perpetuating unrealistic expectations, and misinformation, which can lead to issues dealing with body image.  We are stuck with the questions; What is the best program for me? Where do I begin? How can I hold myself accountable? How can I stay active with COVID-19 still present?

Because of COVID-19, practicing social distancing and wearing masks is still recommended, and being a part of a supportive community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us opportunities to connect with like-minded people, encourage and keep us motivated, push us to work out harder to reach our goals, and make us feel safe and secure.

No matter the community, whether it is weightlifting, cycling, swimming, running, walking, or any other type of exercise, becoming a part of a fitness community, can be motivating. You are likely to share challenges and successes, discuss different training techniques, solicit advice, or support, and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Be aware of the furtherance of falsehoods that fitness is just a mechanism to lose weight or build a perfect physique. If you are seeking adequate support to achieve optimum health, you need to look for a community that shares these values.

A lot of marketing in the fitness industry has taken over the real messages of health and wellness. Remember, fitness is synonymous with health and functionality, and the good news is that there are plenty of fitness communities out there to help you. For women, men, and families, there is a community for everyone.

You can begin this search online for your local ‘Meetup’ group for the particular physical or fitness activity in your area. There you can find people within the same age groups, moms with small children, and families looking to be active in your specific group.

There are some more well know communities that have local chapters as well. For Black women, from the beginner to advance walker and from the beginner to advance runner, check for your local branches for ‘Black Girls Run,’ ‘Girl Trek,’ and ‘Black Girls Hike.’ For the women who ride, there are local chapters of ‘Black Girls Do Bike,’ and there is a community for us women who love to swim with ‘Black Girls Swim’ and ‘Black Girls Do workout too’! For those who do all three; swim, bike, and run, my triathletes, there is the Black Triathlete Association( There are communities for men who are looking to stay motivated and active as well. The local chapters for ‘Black Men Run’ is growing nationwide. There is a community for everyone.

So, with the reopening of many gyms, parks, and outdoor fields, trying to remain active, all while practicing social distancing, can cause some lack of motivation. Having a friend, partner, or community can help you stay motivated and focused. It can be the difference between sticking to your goals and throwing in the towel.

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