Devon Franklin’s Love Letter to Mothers Everywhere

Named by Variety as one of the top 10 producers to watch and by Oprah, as a different spiritual teacher, DeVon Franklin is a Hollywood producer and New York Times, best-selling author. He is blazing his own trail with an unwavering commitment to uplifting the human spirit to entertainment. In his new audible original, “It Takes a Woman” he takes a deeply personal look into the tragedy that transformed his family’s life forever.

“It Takes a Woman” offers listeners an emotional journey of tragedy, triumph, and healing as Devon Franklin introduces us to the women who raised him and his two brothers after his father’s untimely death. Affectionately referred to as his “village of love.” Devon celebrates and honors the sacrifices of his mother Paulette, and his five living great aunts. It is a remarkable village of Black women, as experienced through the eyes of a Black man.

Their candid conversation covers everything from marriage death, divorce, regret, and frank advice about dating, sex, and money. At other times, it uncovers old wounds that are still fresh, pain that is still piercing. and a family bond that is unbreakable. There is an African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. Devin says it takes a woman.

The Chicago Defender had a chance to speak to Devon Franklin, about his new Audible original, and why the women in his life had such an impact on him and his siblings growing up.




“It Takes a Woman” is available on Audible. For more on Devon Franklin visit his website at




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