Chicago Ranks High for Sugar Daddies

According to, North America has more Sugar Daddies per capita than anywhere in the world, making it a hotbed for “mutually beneficial arrangements.” This year Chicago has a large population of Sugar Daddies, with 14.53 per 1,000 adult men registered on
The world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site releases findings today from its study profiling Sugar Daddy demographics and behavior by city. The data reveal best places to find these men, common occupations, and how much they spend on Sugar relationships.sugardaddies
The average Sugar Daddy has been about 39 for the past two years, and in Chicago the average age is 44. A few years makes all the difference for Sugar spending, with most men in the city shelling out around $3,760 per month, 20 percent more than the national mean. Yes, if you are entering the 40/40 club then welcome to the Sugar Daddy club. 
Some key findings of the study:
Average age: 45
Net Worth: $5.2 million (USD)
Income: $253,786.71
Annual Spending on Sugar Babies: $51,024
Austin Named Sugar Daddy Capital of North America
North America is home to the highest concentration of Sugar Daddies than any other continent. In the past year, the number of successful men seeking non-traditional relationships, otherwise known as “arrangements,” has grown 67 percent. releases findings today from its annual study of Sugar Daddies. The study includes key demographics, behaviors, and identifies the top 30 North American cities to find a Sugar Daddy, with Austin, Texas coming in first place.
Austin, Texas – September 21, 2015
Sugar Daddy. The word usually conjures up images of a senior citizen clutching a young college-aged woman with shopping bags in hand, but the face of the modern Sugar Daddy is changing., the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site, is publishing its annual study on Sugar Daddies today. The findings of the study reveal the cities with the highest concentration of Sugar Daddies per capita. Austin, Texas has been pronounced this year’s North American Sugar Daddy capital with 23.24 Sugar Daddies per 1,000 adult males.
As the average age for an S&P 500 CEO continues to fall, now 52.9 years old compared to 54.7 in 2006, the average age of the Sugar Daddy is decreasing as well. In 2014, the average age of the Sugar Daddy was 44, and it has dropped to 39 for unmarried men and 42.5 for married men.
During the second high-tech surge of 2013, the average Sugar Daddy was much younger at 39 years old,” says Founder and CEO Brandon Wade. “While the number of younger men enticed by arrangements continues to grow, we are seeing a resurgence in Gen Xers joining the site. The ability to customize relationships based on their lifestyles and balanced dynamics are just two characteristics of arrangements that attract them.”
The Sugar Daddy trend is growing from coast to coast, and SeekingArrangement has identified the best cities to find a wealthy benefactor.
 Rank – City – Sugar Daddies per 1,000 Adult Males
1    Austin        23.24
2    Atlanta        21.60
3    Las Vegas     19.23
4    Boston         18.25
5    Orlando    18.10
6    Dallas        16.83
7    Vancouver    15.36
8    Tampa        14.59
9    Chicago    14.53
10    San Francisco    14.21
11    Houston    12.64
12    Seattle        10.82
13    Washington    10.72
14    Denver        8.97
15    Portland    7.11
16    Edmonton    6.24
17    Charlotte    5.75
18    Phoenix    5.66
19    Los Angeles    5.48
20    Toronto    5.37
21    San Antonio    5.11
22    San Jose    5.05
23    San Diego    4.73
24    Saskatoon    4.71
25    Victoria    4.67
26    New York    4.52
27    Calgary    4.02
28    Philadelphia    3.98
29    Winnipeg    3.92
30    Ottawa        3.37
Findings also reveal that spending among Sugar Daddies hasn’t changed much. Sugar Daddies spend an average of $4,252 per month, compared to 2014 when spending was at $4,183 per month on Sugar Babies. While Sugar Daddy spending has gone up, their average net worth and annual income has gone down to $5.2 million and $253,786.71 respectively.
From the months of May to July, 39 percent of Sugar Daddies were married.
However, this number experienced a 5 percent decrease to 34 percent at the end of August.
SeekingArrangement experienced an upswing in married men seeking the Sugar Daddy lifestyle this summer,” says Wade. “It’s a popular time for those in quest of extramarital relationship since most of the Sugar Babies are students and schedules are more flexible during summer time.”


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