As snowflakes fall

As snowflakes fall, I think of you, your memory never fades.
You come to me, as if you’re here, your memory still lives on.
And now, as I think back to times, when we were very young,
They seem like yesterday,
but these old, and withered hands, tells me that ain’t so.
We road together, you and I, with horse and buggy way back then, down this very street.
And lady’s had umbrellas, as they strolled about.
That was before the airplane, and the auto was brand new.
And as I look out, on this street, where you held hands with me.
I think, oh my how life has changed, from years and years ago.
A time, when just a little smile, meant so much to us.
A kiss, was the final touch, on a thing called love.
As snowflakes fall, I think of you, and all the years between.
My memory’s, not what it use to be, but you are still so clear.
A man, in all your shining youth, you were my mighty knight.
You caught my eye, on our first hello, you were so very charming.
And as I hoped, you asked me out, to the local dance.
The days, were different way back then. A touch was all it took,
and sparks did fly, so long ago.
A time when lady’s wore satin hat’s, and men were dressed in black.
As snowflakes fall before my eyes, your there like yesterday.
And oh the memory’s that you bring, I blush and bow my eyes,
in memory Of that first kiss, beneath a tree, when I was just sixteen
And I did melt, into your arms, when you asked me to be yours.
That was a time, when on your knees, you said those words to me,
and dreams come true, to those that pray, and wish up on a star.
That was a time, so long ago, but seems like yesterday.
And as I think, about that time, you come to me so clear,
just Like it was yesterday,when you said I love you June.
As snowflakes fall before my eyes, I wipe away the tears.
And wish that you were here.

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