WNBA Players Boycott Media, Only talk Social Issues After Fines


The WNBA players fined by the league for wearing black t-shirts to protest the recent police-involved shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile,  as well as the Dallas shooting victims, are now responding.
Thursday, following their game at Madison Square Garden, players from the New York Liberty and Indiana Fever, two of the teams that received the fines, refused to take questions about any subject other than Black Lives Matter and the league’s response to their protests, reports Deadspin.
“We feel like America has a problem with the police brutality that’s going on with black lives around here, and we just want to use our voices and use our platform to advocate for that,” the Liberty’s Tanisha Wright said. “Just because someone says ‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter. People put out this imaginary ‘black lives only matter’ whenever people say, ‘Black lives matter.’ What we’re saying is, ‘Black lives matter, too.’ Period.”
Wright continued, “We really feel like there’s still an issue here in America. And we want to be able to use our platforms, we want to be able to use our voices, we don’t want to let anybody silence us and what we want to talk about. It’s unfortunate that the WNBA has fined us and not supported its players.”
The players are also receiving support from fellow athletes, including Carmelo Anthony. He recently criticized the WNBA for fining the players stating, “I don’t see no reason to fine them. If anything you should want to support them,” Anthony told ESPN.

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