Trump Dumped In Chicago

Trump Gets Dumped In Chicago

By Ken Hare
Chicago Defender Staff Writer
By now you undoubtedly have heard about the Donald Trump debacle at the UIC Pavillion, this past Friday. Thousand of anti-Trump protestors showed up to voice their opposition to what some are calling Donald Trump’s racist and xenophobic views. The anti-Trump protestors, many of whom registered online at his website, obtained tickets and gained access to the inside of the rally while thousands more waited outside behind barricades.
In a coordinated effort between the Chicago Police, UIC University Police and the FBI, the raucous and enthusiasm of the anti-Trump protestors could not be totally contained. Right before the 2016, Republican candidate was to take the stage, the plug was pulled on the event and that’s when anti-Trump supporters started collectively cheering to the dismay of Trump supporters.
Skirmishes started to break out both inside and outside the arena as law enforcement struggled to control the rowdy crowd. The Chicago Defender has reported on the continuing escalation of Trump’s divisive rhetoric and the increased violence against Blacks, Muslims, women and reporters attending his rallies.
In fact, the Chicago Defender ran a story about a potential hate crime committed at his recent rally in North Carolina where John McGraw, a white, 78-year-old man hit Rakeem Jones a Black man in the face as he was being escorted out of the rally surrounded by Sheriff officers.
Click here for the story:
McGraw was not arrested and remained at the rally. It wasn’t until video footage surfaced online did the Sheriff’s office attempt to address the issue. Which is most unfortunate, because Blacks have been telling white America for years that there’s a double standard when it comes to applying justice. Black people are often mistreated by law enforcement and often times denied justice. Therefore, some Black people tend to view the justice system with distrust and apprehension.
Nevertheless, Friday’s events lit up the internet, twitter and the blogosphere with all kinds of conspiracy theories about why the rally was canceled, to who was behind such a massive turnout of protestors. Theories included President Obama being blamed for the cancelation, since Chicago is his hometown, to George Soros, the industrial billionaire organizing and funding such a huge turnout.
Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure – the saga continues – and anything can happen as the race for the White House intensifies. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday 3. Stay tuned….

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