Ayeshas Surprise

We view the world with different eyes with different pains and joys.
Often others miss the vision others see because of their reality.
Ayeshas surprise

The wind whipped her dreads left and right as she watched the sea.
Her black skin shone in the night as the moon reflected her beauty.
I watched her as she counted waves, as she listened to its song.
And soon, I found I was in love with the sea, and Ayesha.
Her deepness, touched me every day, her words they made me think.
I a man well educated, but books they offer pages.
I listened to her thoughtful words, long into the night.
And there we stood, as the sea rolled in, and I kissed her large full lip.
She talked about many things, I often took for granted. Like where we stood long long ago, the slaves first landed here.
How their first sight, was these very shores of tranquility.
Then she turned to me with a gentle sigh and thought, how horrible it must of been. If they only knew what was soon to be, maybe they would of killed themselves or maybe killed their enemy.
She held me close as she turned her face back to the sea, then silently said to me, but then we would of never met, and our baby would never be.

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