The Holiday Concert of the Year — Together Again!

Kahil EL´ Zabar, David Murray and Harrison Bankhead
  Kahil EL´ Zabar, David Murray and Harrison Bankhead as the All Star Riitual Trio at the Alhambra Palace

The Holiday Concert of the Year — Together Again!

It’s been years since the people have heard a live concert featuring Kahil EL´ Zabar and David Murray, who will be joined by Harrison Bankhead, and not soon enough. With the direction music has taken — particularly the invasion of Great Black Music, being usurped by all those outside of its creators, who lust after the sensual soulfulness that is emoted by the musicians and permeates the entire being of the listening audience of what has been termed as jazz — the reunion of these two powerhouses is a breath of fresh air.

There will be no watered-down elevator or smooth jazz moments, but they will bring the robust soulful rhythm of the cool in you — yeah, that swag that only Black folk can bring. No insult intended, just fact.

EL’ Zabar and Murray will be joined by another bad boy, bassist Harrison Bankhead, Monday, Dec. 12, when doors open at 7 p.m. for an 8 p.m. concert. At the Alhambra Palace, at 1240 W. Randolph. Those of you leaving the office late can also enjoy dinner. Tickets are $25. For tickets & more information go to or purchase at the door.

Always the organizer, Kahil EL’ Zabar brings together music masters who have all been at the forefront of creative exploration and compositional diversity over the past four decades.

These three men are recognized by their peers to be consummate virtuosos, possessing authenticity unique to his own creatively expressed interpretations within the history and future of Great Black Music!

This exceptional trio inspires the hope and desire within us all that comes from blowing fire in an acquired wisdom. Their organized sound is freedom music in its most magnificent sense, relating to high moral principles meant to heal and release one from the redundant mediocrity currently flooding our airways, polluting our senses and clogging our creative portals.

Together they blend, for each has experienced firsthand the distinction between the pure and real to the impure and fake. Though each is now living into their own sense of what is soon to be of legend, they have also played and recorded with the legends.

As they continue to live, compose and record music, it’s important to witness these time-proven masters in person.

Come out and share space with them. Breathe in and exhale the negative, be exalted and rejuvenated! They are the miracle of a profound sound, within a priceless opportunity not to be missed! They are brilliant together. They are the light illuminating what musicians who become the music feel, touch and see, which is the epiphany to be free!

Come join them and share in the spirit of the body and soul they emote, in a moment’s notice, igniting the call to have a ball with the EL´ Zabar All Star Ritual Trio!


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