Solange’s Saint Heron Launches Free Library Of Books From Black Creators

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Solange‘s Saint Heron has partnered with For Keeps’ Books Founder Rosa Duffy to create a free, digital library filled with “esteemed and valuable” books from Black creators. Titles include The Meeting Point by Austin Clarke, Lumumba by Luis Lopez, In Our Teribbleness by Leroi James and several other famous works.

“[This initiative will] build upon [Saint Heron’s] urgent mission to preserve, collect and uplift the stories, works and archives that amplify vital voices within our communities,” a statement from Saint Heron obtained by Variety.

Beginning October 18, Saint Heron will announce all 50 titles. From there, readers can register, login and request one book per person. On a first-come, first-serve basis, requests will be filled and shipped via Worldnet. Borrowers will be asked to ship their books back 45 days after they are borrowed. The first run of Saint Heron’s library will end at the end of November.

“The Saint Heron Library continues the work we have been building by preserving collections of creators with the urgency they deserve. Together we seek to create an archive of stories and works we deem valuable. These works expand imaginations, and it is vital to us to make them accessible to students, and our communities for research and engagement, so that the works are integrated into our collective story and belong and grow with us,” Solange told Variety.

“I look forward to the Saint Heron library continuously growing and evolving and over the next decade becoming a sacred space for literature and expressions for years to come.”

Readers are encouraged to visit the Saint Heron Community Library website for more information.

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