SandyRedd stars in 50th Anniversary Tour of Broadway’s Jesus Christ Superstar

SandyRedd struck high-level fame when she was featured on Season 15 of The Voice. The singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur brings all of her “Rock-Soul” energy to this Broadway production of Jesus Christ Superstar as the first female cast to portray Judas. The Chicago native, boy mom of two talks with The Chicago Defender about her performing arts academy Mama Birds, her groundbreaking role on Broadway, and what’s to come for her bright future.

Chicago Defender: SandyRedd, talk to us about your role in Jesus Christ Superstar. What does it mean to be starring in such a legendary Broadway production?

SandyRedd: My role in Jesus Christ Superstar was initially that of a soul singer. I still carry that role along with one of Peter’s accusers. In addition to those roles and that of an ensemble member, I was blessed to audition for an understudy part as Judas. In this role as Judas, I am the first female understudy to be cast for the 50th-anniversary tour. To be able to accomplish something that has never been accomplished and to set a path for women and their possibilities to break down roles is an incredible feeling.

Chicago Defender: You are a creative force. As a singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur what role has the performing arts played in shaping your success today?

SandyRedd: The love and appreciation that I have for music is rooted in a deep understanding of its power. I truly believe that music has the power to change lives, careers, atmospheres of rooms, and most importantly to heal. I don’t take that lightly and it’s shaped me to feel a greater responsibility to utilize my gift to affect change in a way that puts a positive footprint on this earth.

Chicago Defender: Let’s talk dreams. You are obviously living yours out before our eyes. We know that great success does not come without great trials. What advice can you share with performer hopefuls to keep the faith and tenacity and not give up?

SandyRedd: Be kind to yourself. In being kind to yourself you come to understand that you are going to fail and have obstacles tackled with issues along the way. In those moments, you must know that it is nothing more than redirection. Once you shift your perspective to the redirection you begin to see it as God’s way of rerouting you.

Know that you’re on the right path and whatever you desire to accomplish can be fulfilled. Put the work behind it and activate.

Chicago Defender: As a performer, you have opened up for many artists like Chaka Khan, Angie Stone, Miguel, and more. Are there any plans for you for any new SandyRedd music in the near future?

SandyRedd: Absolutely, I do not have a definitive date for release but I am in the studio working on my album, Seeing REDD. This project is my baby because it is my first full-length album and it’s the first project while I am the writer, producer, and creative. It was important to really put my stamp on it so that people could really feel me and my heart.

Chicago Defender: Finish this sentence. On my journey, I have learned…

SandyRedd: …that it is okay not to be perfect. I am a Virgo, so perfection is coded in my DNA. I have grown to become completely fine with giving people all of me: my flaws, scars, issues, trials, heartbreak, happiness, and self-love that comes along with being me. And the best freedom comes in knowing it’s not a perfect journey but I embrace it is perfect for me.

Chicago Defender: Lastly, talk to us about the impact of your performing arts academy Mama’s Birds, and the important mission to change the world through music.

SandyRedd: I started my performing arts program about twelve years ago in honor of my late mother, Evangelist Margaret Owens Bussie. The same heart that people see from me and through me is the same heart and energy that my mother had. Mama’s Birds is about music and its fundamentals through singing, dancing, acting, songwriting, studio sessions, professional shoots, celebrity guest speakers, and more. Our program also allows students to earn money while being a part of it but the most important element to our program out of all the perks is mentorship through music. My mother cultivated the gift but God put me on this earth to be able to change lives using that gift; and I truly believe the way we do that is through our babies.

Tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar can be purchased here

SandyRedd will perform the role of Judas on Saturday, July 30, 2022, for a matinee show at 2 pm.


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