Near North Residents Meet With CPD To Discuss Proper Community Policing

At the top of the year, Near North Side residents hosted a community meeting to discuss inequalities in policing. Held at Seward Park District field house, located at 375 W. Elm St., eight officers and leaders from the Chicago Police Department (CPD) joined residents in facilitating dialogue on ways that can build more trust between members of CPD and neighborhood residents.

The panel discussion was moderated by Chicago Sun-Times columnist and political analyst at ABC 7 Laura S. Washington.  The panel included: community resident Claudette Roper; Deputy Chief of Community Policing Dwayne Betts; Deputy Chief of Patrol George Devereux and Robin Robinson, Director of Community Affairs, Office of the Superintendent.

More than 25 community members in attendance cited compelling examples, concerns, and questions regarding law enforcement (i.e. protocol involving use of handcuffs, public intoxication, criteria for trespassing, definition of “suspicious looking”).

Washington moderated in a manner that allowed maximum participation in a limited timeframe.

Community members are signing up to participate in an all-day police training workshop — “Procedural Justice One,” which focuses on key topics including implicit bias and police procedures on Friday, February 23 at the Chicago Police Academy.

According to Robin Robinson, there are four key principals of building community trust—Voice, Neutrality, Respect and Trustworthiness. The department’s committed to additional community discussions throughout the year.



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