Mike Epps blames nephew for Twitter flirtation

Mike-EppsMike Epps is trying to save face for an embarrassing Twitter faux pas that happened on Saturday.
A conversation on Twitter showed the actor’s account engaging a young womanand asking her to direct message him. Wife Mechelle hilariously hit back with a simple tweet of a pair of emoji eyes, and now Mike is backpedaling, saying it was his nephew behind the flirtation.
“Sorry to all my fans for all the drama on Twitter but I don’t run my account by self fyi my nephew DM girls and they find out it’s not me,” wrote the star.

Let’s just say fans aren’t buying it. Twitter users flooded Mike’s mentions, posting laughing emojis and funny memes of incredulous faces.

And the woman in the middle of all of it, @ceciCitra, who received the tweets allegedly from Mike’s nephew? She’s calling foul, too.
“Lmao you ain’t s***,” she tweeted at him. She also tweeted a tongue-in-cheek joke, mimicking Mechelle’s reaction to the news that Mike’s nephew supposedly wrote the tweets.

Tell us: What do you think? Was Mike telling the truth?



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