Benzino’s girlfriend Althea accuses him of beating her

Former star couple on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Benzino and Althea Eaton, seemed like the perfect pair … on TV. In real life, there is great strife popping off between Eaton and her fiancé.
“No matter how mad you get you shouldn’t treat a pregnant women f—— up! Ever. Or hit her back. Enough. Confused,” Eaton wrote before deleting it, according to
Inquiries began piling into Eaton’s social media post, asking her how Benzino abused her and for how long. But once Benzino got wind of his fiancée’s claims, he fired shots of his own.
“Don’t matter how mad I get, I would never try to slander the person I love or once loved…” Benzino wrote before deleting.
Eaton responded with this message of disgust and exasperation at Benzino’s denials and rampant mental and physical abuse:
“This mess only gets worse! Then stop acting and treating me f—– up in real life! As long as you can act like everything is all right for people you don’t even know! Fed up!! You don’t care what I say or feel til after the fact. #controlfreak #bipolar #selfish #a–hole#REALLife#singlemom  I don’t do this mess for TV! Once loved right so why you posting pics yesterday like we all good? Stop.  I wanna be happy but can’t with your back and forth a–!” Eaton’s now-deleted response read.
Take a look at what else Eaton had to say on the matter:

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