Are The Rumors About Mary Mary Firing Mitch True?


Mary Mary’s Tina and Erica Campbell, are facing legal action from Mitchell Solarek at Maximum Artist Group in a court in Tennessee over claims the manager secured the gospel singers deals amounting to $3 million, but was then fired and had commissions worth $75,000 withheld.
He is seeking the full amount in damages, as well as loss of future commissions, reports
According to papers filed in a federal court in Tennessee and obtained by TMZ, Solarek says Max Art signed a deal with the group in 2011 that would have Mitchell Solarek serve as their manager. He says he reignited their musical career, obtaining over $3 million in various deals, one which includes their reality show Mary Mary on We Tv.
In turn, however, Solaek says he was pretty much shortchanged. He claims that Mary Mary stiffed him of more than $75,000 in commissions. He also says that he was publicly fired on the television.
The lawsuit is asking that a judge rule he be paid in back commission as well as the loss of commission on future music, books, sponsorships and anything else you can think of.

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