Khy McGhee: Overcoming Adversity And Defining His Future

As a young Black male navigating the complexities of life between school and neighborhood, how does one maintain a steadfast focus on personal goals during outside distractions? 

Khy McGhee embarked on his educational journey at Avalon in kindergarten, temporarily transferred out in 6th grade, returned in his 8th-grade year, and still stands as one of Avalon Park’s distinguished graduates.

What transpired in McGhee’s life during his transfer and subsequent return to Avalon Park School? 

Let’s hear directly from him about his journey and how it shaped his life while preparing for High School.

Full Circle: Why Khy McGhee Returned Home

It began with McGhee residing just down the street from Avalon, the school he attended from kindergarten through sixth grade. It became a familiar and cherished part of his daily life, with Avalon practically within sight from his window. 

Those years were filled with fond memories and unwavering support from supportive teachers, mentors, and peers. However, when McGhee transferred schools, he and his mother relocated to Park Ridge, a suburban area far removed from his previous neighborhood. 

Settling into a new environment brought unforeseen challenges, particularly the experience of racism, which he encountered during his time there.

“I ended up leaving in seventh grade because many people weren’t treating me equally. I was the only Black kid in my entire class, and there was a lot going on with racism and people just treating me differently, and it was starting to become a dangerous area. My mom and I have moved back to our home place, and I came back here at Avalon in the eighth grade.”

Once again, as McGhee stepped through the familiar halls at Avalon Park Elementary, it felt like coming home after a long journey. Reuniting with teachers and classmates, he felt a renewed sense of connection and community. 

Despite his challenges, returning to Avalon filled him with a profound sense of comfort and reassurance, reminding him of the foundation upon which his academic journey had begun.

How He Stays Focused and Driven

McGhee defines his personal goals as introspection and clarity about what he wants to achieve in various aspects of life. 

Once personal goals are established, taking steps to achieve them involves creating a plan, breaking down goals into smaller, actionable tasks, prioritizing, and staying focused.

“I see my personal goals as centered around making those close to me proud while pursuing my passions. When it comes to achieving them, I’m committed to doing things the right way and taking the necessary steps without compromising my values,” he said. 

“I dedicate myself fully to my goals and aspirations as I move forward. I won’t let anything stand in the way of my progress and determination to succeed.”

In navigating distractions, he relies heavily on his support system, particularly his mom. 

Whenever he feels himself straying from his goals, they serve as his guiding light, gently nudging him back on track and reminding him to remain focused.

Whenever I veer off track, they guide me back toward my goals, reminding me to stay focused, even when I’m just a kid prone to getting sidetracked. They’re the missing piece of the puzzle that keeps me grounded,” he said. 

McGhee said that I consciously try to keep my goals in mind, whether having fun or simply going about my day. Their encouragement ensures I stay committed to my future aspirations and avoid anything hindering my progress.”

McGhee enjoys various activities, many of which his mother encouraged to keep him engaged and out of trouble during childhood. Basketball and music are among his top passions, and skateboarding and biking are enjoyable. However, the time spent with family holds the most meaning for him, offering solace and meaningful connections.

Khy’s Vision for the Future: High School, College, and Career

As he approaches high school, he contemplates the vast opportunities ahead, with over 1000 students expected to join him at Kenwood Academy High School. Although he’s been told that time flies, McGhee expects the journey to be measured and deliberate rather than rushing by instantly.

“I plan to focus on securing a job early in high school. Earning money sooner will help me develop a structured mindset from a young age, setting a foundation for future success. While I foresee high school presenting its challenges, I’m prepared to tackle them head-on and push myself further.”

McGhee has multiple backup plans, primarily focusing on a music career. 

However, he recognizes that success in the music industry isn’t only assured for some, so he’s keeping his options open. If his music career doesn’t materialize, he intends to pursue a college education in business. 

If you want to go somewhere in life, stay on those tracks; you can take detours, but don’t take detours that get your mind off your goals. I understand wanting to have fun and try new things but have some balance and limits in life. Stay focused on your goals and aspirations. – Khy McGhee

He’s drawn to gaining a deeper understanding of financial management and learning how to leverage his money effectively. Considering his personality and strengths, McGhee contemplates ventures like stocks, real estate and investments as potential avenues for success.

McGhee is currently contemplating his future college plans and career. 

He’s weighing his options, which is a reflective journey for him as he hasn’t settled on any definitive choices yet. 

Unlike some who have a clear vision of their college destination early on, McGhee and his mom are engaged in ongoing discussions, exploring various possibilities. 

Nevertheless, as he navigates through high school, McGhee anticipates gaining more clarity on the path that resonates with him. He trusts that with time, his intuition and sense of purpose will guide him toward the college and career path that aligns best with his aspirations.

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