Isaiah Washington Sits Down to Chat With You In Chicago

An Intimate Conversation with Isaiah                             Bound, a Documentary film
by Elaine Edwards
Celebrity Star Isaiah Washington, made most popular for his role as Dr. Preston Burke on Shonda Rhime’s  ABC television drama Grey’s  Anatomy breezes through Chicago next week to discuss and showcase the film Bound: Africans versus African American a documentary drama for which he is executive producer. The controversial  Actor stays true to his edgy persona by bringing to light those differences in perspective and experience that can and have cause rifts, break down in communication and a failure to launch a true sense of kinship between Africans and African Americans.
The film is especially dear to Washington who after being introduced to African Ancestry, Inc.,  through a friend Moza Mjasiri Cooper  gave his DNA and  a genealogical DNA test was conducted by African Ancestry, Inc.  The test revealed that Washington’s maternal ancestry can be traced to what is now Sierra Leone, and that he has an ancestral link to the Mende and Temne peoples there. In May 2006 he visited Sierra Leone, and was received by the local people with warmth and acceptance. He travelled to Sierra Leone in May 2006 marking the beginning of his charity work and was granted Sierra Leonean Citizenship, making him the first African American to be granted full citizenship based on DNA. His paternal ancestry links him to the Mbundu people, an ethnic group in Angola.
Washington has written a book called A Man from Another Land, which chronicles Washington’s early life, his TV and film career, and his search to find his roots after going through a DNA test that showed his ancestors came from Sierra Leone in West Africa. Since learning about his history, Washington has traveled to Sierra Leone, donated medical supplies to a hospital there, and built a school.
His new found love for  connection to Africa continues and currently manifested as BOUND: African versus African Americans (AVAA) is a hard hitting documentary that addresses the little known tension that exists between Africans and African Americans. AVAA uses personal testimonials to expose this rift, then it takes us on a journey through the corridors of African and African American historical experiences as it illuminates the moments that divide and those that bind Africans and African American.
You are invited to join  “An Intimate Conversation,” with Executive Producer, Isaiah Washington at the Southside Community Arts Center Thursday, March 19 at 7pm located at 3831 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60653.  Call for more information (773) 373-1026.  Friday,  March 20 the film will premiere at The Du Sable Museum,  740 E. 56th Place, 1(877)387-2251, 7:00pm – 9:00pm ; Admission: $10 tickets available on Eventbrite
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