Chicago Defender Celebrates 110-Year Anniversary

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Photos by Kai EL’ Zabar
CHICAGO_ The Chicago Defender kicked off its The Chicago Defenders’ Journey to Empowerment Exhibition, celebrating 110 years captured and depicted through a pictorial experience including photographic images, archival Frontpages, and original renderings by artist and exhibit curator Candace Hunter. The exhibit is a journey itself allowing you to travel along with the exquisite people our founding publisher Robert Abbott Sengstacke, Robert Sengstacke, affectionately referred to as “the Race.” It is a provocative, enlightening, informative, exciting interactive show. Check it out at Harold Washington Library now through June 28. Take your kids, or grandkids to experience and write their own article. We will publish selected articles in our digital daily . . . sign up now if you haven’t already.


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