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Dear Dr. Karen:
I am 36 and exclusively dating someone, who is 41, for almost a year now. I feel given our age, we should have enough experience to know whether we would like to pursue a serious relationship. When I ask my boyfriend about a future commitment, his response is, “Let’s take it slow.” I don’t know how much slower I can take it. I am not talking marriage or even living together. I just want to know if he is committed to the possibility of a life together.
What is a reasonable period for someone to know if they are willing to commit on the level I described? I understand everyone works on a different time clock, but when does time run out?
He will only share that he loves me if I ask him. I am a patient, caring, loving, smart woman who has a lot to offer. I love this man, but I am realistic and will not wait forever
Timed Out
Dear Timed Out:
You and your boyfriend have been together long enough for him to know what he feels.  Obviously, he is satisfied with things the way they are. You are afraid that if you ask him directly about a committed relationship he will say no. Approaching the topic in a roundabout way more than likely will cause him to take further advantage of you. He gets the point, even if he pretends not to.
Say from your heart where you want your relationship to go and insist on his answer. It is better to get a no now, than to wait one, three, or five years for the same answer. You’ve already said. “You’re not going to wait forever.”
***How long are you willing to wait for a committment?
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