Elvin Dowling, 2021 Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Elvin Dowling is a 2020 National Book Award Nominee & 2021 Pulitzer Prize Nominee for “Still Invisible? Examining America’s Black Male Crisis”.  He is also the former Chief of Staff for The National Urban League.   This book is inspired by Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.  Dowling tackles issues concerning the history of the existence of black men in America through the lens of racial inequalities and systematic racism like the residue of slavery, homelessness, poverty, healthcare, stereotypes,  education, politics, policing, violence, the disparity in the workplace, and much more. His expansive research through statistical analysis and visual support makes this book compelling and very timely. Elvin also provides some thoughtful solutions like mentorship, education, and community involvement as ways to help combat some of these dire concerns. One of Elvin’s mentors, Florida Congressman Alcee L. Hastings has provided the forward for this prodigious 537-page book.

Please keep in contact with Elvin Dowling online at the following:

Website: https://stillinvisible.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elvin-J-Dowling/315571455592?ref=sgm

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