First Vanity, Then Doug, Now Prince

All three died at the young age of 57! And, in the first quarter of this year. In fact, there are 55 days between the passing of Vanity, as reported by the Defender on February 16th, to Doug Bank’s premature death on April 11th (see links to the stories below). Ten days between Banks and Prince’s untimely passing. And 65 days between Vanity and Prince’s departure. Is there some kind of message behind their deaths? Maybe or maybe not. But whatever conclusion you come to, there’s no denying what the numbers have to say.

Numbers The Universal Language

So looking at the numbers in our equation: 3, 10, 55, 57, and 65; many patterns begins to emerge.

Prince’s Third Eye Symbolism

One example, 3 X 57 = 171. According to the esoteric schools of teaching, 171 represents the third eye.  The third or spiritual eye has several functions. One of which is for illumination, the unveiled eye of the soul through which unadulterated light and illumination come into the mind, and thus the entire lower-life forms becomes irradiated. It is also the center through which pours the directing energy which streams out from the conscious creating adept, through their gifts and talents manifesting into thought-forms.
It is not to be confused with the pineal gland, which is a physical centre or gland. The third eye exists in etheric form as a centre of force. When the third eye is active in an individual it is a synthesiser and director of triple energy. Artist, entertainers, and politicians who practice this discipline are able to achieve powerful accomplishments.
On a side note: We lost our Prince on Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. What patterns do you see?

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