Fight of Our Lives

Fight of Our Lives

“The man is such a liar. And this is what we must contend with for the next four years, if he makes it through the first 100 days.”

Defender Executive Editor Kai El'Zabar
Defender Executive Editor,      Kai EL ‘Zabar

On Tuesday, Donald Trump took time out of his busy schedule to meet with rap prince Kanye West, who was recently hospitalized, however, managed to publicly announce to an audience while on tour, that he had not voted, but if he had he would have voted for Trump.  That right there destroys all respect we had for you as a politically conscious young man.

After the meeting, Trump and Kanye walked down together and posed for a photo-op. Kanye did not answer any questions, simply saying, “I just want to take a picture right now.” Trump said the two were friends.

Later, Kanye tweeted that he wanted to meet with the president-elect to discuss “multicultural issues,” including “bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums and violence in Chicago.” Kanye’s visit with Trump was one of his first public appearances since his hospitalization, following strange onstage behavior and the abrupt cancellation of his tour.

Listen, the whole idea that I have to mention that Trump met with Kanye when he has openly said that he doesn’t feel it’s necessary for him to review the daily presidential briefings prepared for him by the intelligence agencies because he’s smart and doesn’t need to read the same thing every day is absurd. Worse is that America has put its future in his hands

How incredibly naïve he appears in addition to being a fool.  He and Kanye actually share the unpredictable behavior in a predictable sort of way. So it makes sense that they’re friends.

All About His Ego

Look, I am a firm believer that Trump never really wanted to be president, but rather it was all about marketing and promoting his brand, which he had big plans for. However, the “presidential win” altered them, so he’s just put whatever those plans were on the back burner and pretends to be president.  However, we all know that there’s absolutely nothing about him that’s presidential.

The fact that he remains executive producer for the new “Celebrity Apprentice” season that will debut with Arnold Schwarzenegger as host is the least of our worries. Never mind that NBC stated that they severed ties with the show’s former host, Donald Trump, resulting from comments he made during his presidential campaign in 2015, though Trump stated he opted to leave “out of respect” while he was focusing on his campaign.

The man is such a liar. And this is what we must contend with for the next 4-years if he makes it through the first 100 days.

His reality TV parade of finalists (or Miss Universe contestants) for his cabinet has been at best embarrassing, at worst it exposes his lack of respect or appreciation for convention. His selection of the majority of his most important advisers, who lack experience in the public sector, further displays his ignorance and total disregard for the government.

He’s said often that he knows more than the generals, so we have to ask ourselves, why then did you consider so many generals for posts in his cabinet? And most importantly he has chosen men who, like himself, have conflicting ties to the business at hand,  which can very easily be considered major breaches in how America the beautiful has maintained its status as the ultimate democracy.

Everything that Donald Trump has done so far indicates that he is whoring out America, about to break her off and sell each part to the highest bidder as he and his fellow billionaires benefit personally. He’s a corporate raider handing out the spoils to his newly acquired cronies with whom he will do business.

He continues to defy the very sanctions, standards, rules, regulations, laws, traditions, conventions and protocol that have kept the balance and checks of the system in place to maintain the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Well, people, if you believe in that, you best embrace the ideology of “Power to the people,” and take back our power because Trump’s intention is to give it to the 1 percent.

Litany of Offenses

Everything he has done, from his failure to produce an income tax return, to the total disregard and disrespect of women, minorities, Muslims, handicapped, to his (racism, inexperience, misogyny, etc,) to telling Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, to suggesting that if  Hillary wins you might consider assassinating her, to his refusal to put his company in a blind trust, to his cabinet picks, to his children’s involvement in federal government meetings, to not taking the daily security briefings, to taking a call from the president of Taiwan, to his irresponsible statement about China, to the half ass deal he made with Carrier, to  his adolescent tweets to Indiana Carrier Union President Chuck Jones, to saying that there were 2 million illegal voters, to his denial  that Russia hacked the U.S. government, to his meeting  with Kanye West on Tuesday all jeopardize the stability of America and the world.

Trump is turning America out, and it won’t be pretty when she throws up and vomits on him like I hope she does.  Yeah, I hope that she stops taking the dope and wakes up and takes back her power. He is not an ordinary thief, and yet he’s not extraordinary, he can be taken down.

People, I hope that you’re resting from the exhausting campaign and the continued shenanigans of the Trumpster as you heal and gear up for the fight of our lives. If we want America to be great, it’s going to take the miracle of us — people United.

I mean, why does the media keep asking “why would he select this or that person who has questionable ties with Russia?”  Isn’t he the same man who said that he respected Russia? That he respected Vladimir Putin, thought he was a great leader, stronger than President Obama?  Did he not tell Russia to hack  Hillary’s emails?  It’s very possible that Trump’s been compromised by Russia and doesn’t even know it. Oh, it’ s possible. They could have studied his weaknesses and manipulated him from afar. He’s very susceptible to certain levels of flattery that can be used to fuel his ego, while other manipulations direct him otherwise.

Whatever the explanation for his behaviors, what remains true is that he is not good for America and he is the wolf who came in sheep’s clothing, now standing naked.

America, open your eyes, see him for what he is and take back our power.


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