A thought came to mind I’ve been in self exile for 30 years it seems.
I took myself out of the world I knew and decided to learn how other people lived.
I’ve lived all over the world mingled with many exciting people.
And as I traveled I began to see the borders I had created.
I’ve learned a lot over the years, I’ve watched a new me emerge from all of this.
And still I see that the journey is constant and the limits that men have created for one another are there, but there are limits they have made.
If we are to accept their limitations on us we become their slaves.
I can often be the slave of others, when I allow them to exert more power over me, than they deserve.
So came this poem as I thought of the freedom of being in exile, exile of the brain.
The image is one of mine, from a past show.
In between the other things I do I find time to get it right.
We are our own slaves, so I choose to be in exile in the brain, there the world is limitless.

The image is called “Spirits”, it’s one of my creations from one of my past shows.


to a foreign land
the one,
within my head.
The one,
that offered me,
my freedom,
when others,
closed their doors.
The place,
that knew no borders
the place,
that understood.
beyond tall walls,
other men,
to a foreign land
a land,
without limits.
And there,
between that,
grey grey matter,
I learned,
what freedom is.

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