‘RHOA’s Kenya Moore goes after Kim Fields for her ‘breakdown’

The women of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” seem to love vacation trips because it’s the opportune time to create drama, particularly for the callous and uncouth Kenya Moore.
Vacations give Moore the premise to embark on her savage hunts for her next victim and she found the injured “animal” in new girl Kim Fields, 46, who seemed to freak out about being away from her family and bawled throughout the episode.
According to her costar Moore, 44, Fields was having a lot of issues.
“It’s an emotional breakdown,” Moore told OKmagazine.com about Fields’ fits.
But unlike Phaedra Parks, 44, who quickly ran to Fields’ aid, Moore found Fields’ issues not impressive.
“I have a hard time remembering that Kim is on the show because when I do see her, I fall asleep,” she admitted. “So I have to wake myself up and just say, ‘Oh, okay. I must have missed half of what she was doing because I’m bored.’”
While she tunes out most of the time, Moore did try to reason through Fields’ logic.
“It’s a strange situation,” she said. “I’ve never seen a woman near 50 cry from being away from her children or her husband for actually less than 24 hours. So I don’t know what to make of that.”
According to Moore, the feuds and drama that went down during the trip with the rest of their costars wasn’t what caused Fields to lose it.
“I don’t think that the drama with the women is the issue,” she said. “I’m not sure if our drama really effects that.”
“I think it’s her own issue with actually having to be away from her family,” Moore continued. “I don’t know if she has ever had a job where she has had to be away from them, and that is a major issue for her.”
So Moore couldn’t help Fields calm down.
As Radar previously reported, Fields accused Moore of  Sheree Whitfield and Tammy McCall Browning‘s feud.

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