Dion’s Chicago Dream Partners American Diabetes Association To Combat Food Insecurity In Chicago

Dion’s Chicago Dream and the American Diabetes Association have teamed up to combat food insecurity. The partnership aims to provide healthy food options to families across Chicagoland.

Dion’s Chicago Dream is a nonprofit started by Englewood resident Dion Dawson. Through the organization’s Dream Deliveries, families can receive weekly cases of fresh produce delivered to their doorstep.

“Dion’s Chicago Dream is an anchor in quality and access,” says Dawson. “Dream Deliveries removes the uncertainty families face with access to quality produce. And our bi-weekly touch points show them we are up for the challenge.”

According to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. More than 25% of low-income families deal with food insecurity. The inability of residents to have healthy options is a crisis of inequality. 32% of Black families in metro Chicago face a greater risk of hunger. Compared to 16% for White households and 28% for Hispanic families.

Low-income areas like Englewood are considered food deserts because residents don’t live near stores that offer affordable healthy food.  Yet, Dion Dawson believes that food insecurity can be eradicated. “This partnership gets us one step closer to achieving food justice,” says Dawson.

CEO of the American Diabetes Association, Charles Henderson, calls the partnership a “game changer.”

“With Dion’s Chicago Dream being embedded within the Chicago community. It’ll allow the ADA to meet people where they are,” Henderson said. “Low-income areas rely on smaller neighborhood stores that don’t have healthy options. Or they may sell it at a much higher price. This innovative way of thinking will allow more people to embrace a healthy way of eating. Dion’s model of delivering healthy food options will positively impact those at risk or living with diabetes. This partnership will be a game changer and a replicable model across the United States.”

For more information on Dion’s Chicago Dream visit www.dionschicagodream.com

For more on The American Diabetes Association visit www.diabetes.org





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