Artists Utilize Social Media to Stay Connected to Audiences During COVID-19.

The COVID-19 crisis shut down much of the entertainment industry. Many artists lost tours, jobs, and income. Since the implementation of the Stay at Home order, creatives have utilized the power of social media to stay connected with their audiences.  In some cases, artists are earning a nominal income with tips from their fans or raising money for charitable causes via their online platforms. Every day an artist goes live on social media. Audiences are tuning in by the thousands, creating nightclubs and concert halls in cyberspace.

Virtual concerts allow people to enjoy a multitude of artistic genres while connecting with others from their homes.  Virtual chat rooms fill up with people from around the world.  Many sharing thoughts or speaking via “emoji” while sending messages to their favorite artists.   Since the Stay at home order, many have enjoyed concerts and live shows by Black Coffee, Damien Escobar, Raheem DeVaughn, Kem, The Chosen Few DJs, Vince Adams, Alvin Ailey, and even a virtual comedy show. There is no shortage of concerts and live music streams on social media.  From jazz, house music, stepper sets, R&B and hip hop, the digital landscape is flooded with plenty to keep those stuck at home entertained.

The City of Chicago has joined in with the local artist takeover on Instagram Live.   These live performances benefit the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund.  This fund provides financial assistance to artists impacted by COVID-19. This Sunday’s show includes a special gospel house music set by Chosen Few DJ and Grammy Nominated Producer, Terry Hunter.   The show can be viewed on the Mayors Instagram page @Chicago Mayor.

These virtual moments provide comfort to those who may feel alone and isolated.  They also provide a much-needed connection to those who miss hanging out with friends and socializing.  On some platforms, “Watch Parties” have become the latest trend, with friends tagging one another to gather and enjoy concerts together. Virtual live shows happen daily on social media platforms.  However, with the continued censorship of some DJs live shows, many are opting to outside platforms such as Twitch to connect with their audiences for uninterrupted broadcasts as well.  Check your favorite artists and DJs social media pages for information on their next live event!

Besides, while these are not considered “necessary” services, for many of us, they are essential because they provide a much-needed release from the heaviness in the world today and remind us how connected we truly are.

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, artists are still creating and bringing joy and happiness to audiences under quarantine.


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