Artist and Philanthropist, Common and The Common Ground Foundation Begin Fundraising Campaign.

December 1st, the Common Ground Foundation (CGF) partnered with data and insights company HundredX to provide supporters an opportunity to give without spending. Using HundredX’s platform, Express Feedback for Good, supporters of the CGF can create a financial impact this month by simply sharing their opinions on popular companies and brands.

“Our mission is to help companies better understand how consumers view their brands and products. We do this through a unique “do well and do good” model that, by its very design, creates funding support for non-profit organizations and great causes. Our model allows us to open a unique development channel for non-profits, all in a way that is totally free to nonprofits and their supporters,” said Steve Cook, VP of Partnerships at HundredX. “This month, HundredX is thrilled to partner with Common Ground Foundation to support their mission of enhancing education, wellness, and community development. We are excited to provide their supporters an opportunity to create impact with their opinions this holiday season.”

The online campaign will serve in place of the Foundation’s annual in-person fundraising event, for students from Chicago participating in the foundation’s year-round mentoring program. The opportunity to donate without dollars will end on December 31st, 2020.  Detailed information on why and how to give can be found at Every time a user shares a review, they will generate dollars for the foundation.  “As a community of people, we continue to witness the emotional and financial impact of 2020. A year compounded with social and health issues with long lasting effects that we haven’t even begun to comprehend,” says Leslie Pappas, Executive Director of the Common Ground Foundation.

She continues, “What we at the Common Ground Foundation are doing is letting our students know that we continue to see them, and we will continue to support and advocate for their dreams and beliefs.  This  is a critical time of the year that nonprofits rely on, but we wanted to be creative and sensitive during a complex year with our ask.  We therefore created an alternative and ask people to use their voices to raise key funding for the programs and students in the Common Ground Foundation.”

To empower students from the Common Ground Foundation, programming includes college transitioning support, one-on-one mentorship, cultural exploration, artistic and creative instruction, career exploration and scholarship opportunities. The foundation continues to empower high school students from under-resourced communities to become future leaders.

This year, the Common Ground Foundation graduated 100% of their students in high school and celebrated the first college graduating class. If you would like to make a traditional financial contribution, please visit this link to make a donation.


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