Affordable, At-Home, Anti-Aging Therapy

Extend your glow with LED therapy

Now that the Indian summer-like weather is coming to a close, it’s time to focus on some really great skincare to get you through the upcoming winter doldrums. And we have the perfect recommendations for you to extend or bring back that summer “glow.”
Created by NASA for plant growth experimentation in outer space, light-emitting diodes or LED technology, according to “show promise for delivering light deep into tissues of the body to promote wound healing and human tissue growth.”
After the amazing discovery in the late 60’s, the technology was slowly adopted by top skincare doctors and estheticians worldwide over the next few decades. And now, it’s made it’s way into the at-home skincare market.
Using wavelenghts from the red light spectrum, Silk’n Face FX’s Anti-Aging device delivers an impressive combination of heat and light energy deep into the skin, boosting collagen production while reducing periorbital wrinkles and pores; the results – plumper, younger looking skin.
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Blue light helps fight acne

“I was surprised at the results,” says our over 40 model. Within a few days my skin was glowing as if I had spent hours and hundreds of dollars at a fancy spa. I noticed a reduction in certain wrinkles around my eyes and my pores actually got smaller.”
Unlike tanning beds and laser treatments, there is no thermal damage or burning of the skin. It’s virtually painless, and the company even manufactures a blue light device for those prone to mild-to-moderate acne breakouts – called Silk’n Blue.
Silk’n Blue’s blue light therapy device helped eliminate acne flare ups and reduced the recovery period after a breakout occurred on both our male and female models. The blue wavelengths stimulate production of anti-radicals that destroy p. acnes bacterium therefore reducing chances for inflammation.
Infrared light rejuvenates the skin

For those who are a bit more experienced with the nuances of at-home therapy versus professional skincare, there’s Dr. Glassman’s FDA approved Skinclinical Reverse Anti-Aging Light Therapy device with the highest energy output equal to the energy output of LED devices used in professional settings.
The device retails for a bit more but it emits red and infrared light in a medical grade intensity like those used in a medical practice. With these devices in your skincare regimen, not only will you beat the winter blues – you’ll always be ready for your closeup. Can you see the light?


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