Young Thug’s baby mama on tape threatening son with stun gun

young thuggeryYoung Thug has been taking some heat for his peculiarities including his propensity for women’s wear — actually most of his clothes in his closet are dresses — and then he took a hit a few weeks ago when the “Lifestyle” rapper and his baby mama posted a video of his young daughter using profanity.
This time, it’s Thugga’s son being featured in the video as one of his baby mama’s is caught on camera threatening the young toddler with stun gun!
An investigation has been opened by the Georgia Family and Children Services, according to Famelous against Young Thug’s baby mama over the video above, which of course, has been conveniently removed from social media.
In the video, you can hear the mother pressing the stun gun in an effort to get  Young Thug’s son to hurry up and get dressed in his messy bedroom.
The caption of the video read, “He wants to take his time to get ready for his game because his cartoon is on.”

Take a look at the disturbing video by flipping the e-page. Parental discretion advised:

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