Work-life balance for women #TheStruggle 

Whether you’re a working woman with a family or a single woman on the horizon of her career, how do you find time to unwind? For eras, women have been designated the backbone of the family and remarkable leaders. Many women have excelled through their career path with determination and persistence.
According to the, in 2011, for the first time, women in the United States made slightly more than half the workforce. There are (some) high-profile women chief executives. There is a small but increasing number of female presidents.
So, when is it the career-minded, hardworking woman’s time for self-love and care?
Work–life balance is organizing time between career and ambition and lifestyle habits that you enjoy, from exercising, mental/spiritual support, family time, vacations and simply me time for yourself.
There was a time when the boundaries between work and home were clear. Today, however, work is likely to invade your personal life — and sustaining a work-life balance is no straightforward task. It’s no secret that the modern-day “Super Woman” can become drained.
The beneficial idea of working is that you learn to deliver good performance, speak up and express thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, and with respect for others and for the work of the team.  Successful women discover how much they truly believe in themselves since the industry is always changing. Even as an entrepreneur you constantly must keep up and innovate. We read books, go to workshops and are willing to learn from others.
On the other hand, if you work too hard and spend too many hours at your job (even if you work from home), you will have no time and energy left to take proper care of yourself.  Increased expectations can stress us out. The essential part of work is the aspect of achievement; without a certain amount of it, we would never execute at all. Yet when chasing achievement, the chances of a breakdown are real.
Even if you are busy all the time, take time out for yourself. Work hard but bear in mind your body must recharge to keep going. Take time for yourself and mind. When we feel healthy and vibrant, we have the capacity to make our dreams a reality. Try some of these simple ways to maintain balance in your life:
After work social: Perhaps some coworkers keep asking to hang out after work. If it is a small group, going could help release anxiety from the day. Be mindful to not get too personal about other employees or your personal life. Hang out for an hour, have a drink or two and laugh together about upbeat themes.
Exercising: You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to work out. Break out the yoga mat in the living room and watch a YouTube video of your choice to get you moving. If you enjoy going to the gym or just outside for a walk and fresh air, make a determined schedule and go.
Family Day: Mom wants to go to the grocery store and brunch; your significant other and kids want to go to the circus. If this sounds about right, or whatever circumstance you have, plan a day to just hang out with the family, inside or outside of the home.
Spiritual: Life can get very hard sometimes. Women deal with discouragement, fear, broken hearts, passing of a loved one–daily. Whatever your faith, we still need to have time to clear our thoughts and bring positivity to our hearts and minds to keep living; this may even occur via a visit with a therapist or respected spiritual guidance.
Solo Dolo: Spending time alone is so incredibly important. Some women may think it’s weird but sometimes being around people all the time can be exhausting. You need time to do things on your own. Catch up on your shows, get your nails done, grab dinner at your favorite restaurant. No shame in the game when you’re going solo.
Can a woman have it all and still take care of herself spiritually, physically and mentally? Of course! Enjoy your life and the fruits of your labor because tomorrow is never promised. Don’t waste any moment of regret. The key to success is to make smart choices in your career and tasks, so that you can elevate in life. Work life balance is about knowing what tasks you are good at and delegating the rest. Fuel yourself with creativity and motivation and continue to be the Queen that you are.


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