Winter Skincare: Keep That Glow

As the days grow shorter and the temperature begins to drop, you may start to notice a change in your skin. Cold weather and more time spent indoors with the heat blasting brings its own set of challenges when it comes to ensuring our skin keeps its melanated glow. Licensed esthetician Robyn Sutton and the founder of Poised Professional, LLC, a local skincare company, shares her wisdom and suggestions for achieving and maintaining that glow during the harsh winter months.

Winter Skincare Chicago Defender
Licensed esthetician Robyn Sutton and the founder of Poised Professional, LLC

As an esthetician, what skin issues would you say people struggle with most during the winter months?

The winter months in Chicago can take a toll on our skin. The heat is blowing in the house, the car, and the air outside is brittle, causing people to struggle with having dry skin and lips. Switch your moisturizer to a thicker one to help combat dryness. Please make sure the moisturizer is non-comedogenic, so it does not clog your pores. Do not forget to apply your SPF throughout the winter months. Yes, we need to use SPF year-round.  Also, dehydration plays a significant role in our skin becoming dry and is often overlooked during the winter months. We are drinking our favorite teas, lattes, and coffee, but make sure you are drinking the correct amount of water daily.

How does our skin change from summer to winter?

The skin type itself does not change throughout the year, but our skin is affected differently by the environment. Your skin is your first line of defense. Our skin is a major organ and is always working to protect itself and adapt to your surroundings. Typically, that is why we likely experience some changes in our skin from season to season.

What is the one step we absolutely cannot skip during our winter skincare routine?

Exfoliate! We still need to remove the dead skin. It is safe to use a gentle exfoliator 1x-2x per week. Exfoliating will help achieve glowing skin throughout the winter months. Removing the dead skin allows your products to penetrate the epidermis layer of your skin deeply.

Winter Skincare Chicago DefenderWhat products should we use to help our skin retain moisture not just during the winter but year-round?

A hydrating mask, a hydrating serum, and SPF.  Apply a hydrating mask 1x per week. Yes, even oily skin types can benefit from a hydrating mask. Origins Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask is a great option and cost-effective. Serums are applied right before your moisturizer. This product will bring more hydration to your skin. There are so many options for hydrating serums but focus on getting a serum with Vitamin C. Lastly, apply your SPF daily.

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