Why Do Women Cheat? Ask Dr. Karen!

When You Need Some Advice Don’t Ask Twice… Ask Dr. Karen!  
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Dear Dr. Karen:
A week ago I learned my wife-to-be cheated on me. I followed her and watched as she went into a man’s apartment. When I confronted her she swore to me nothing happened. Days later I found an e-mail she sent to a friend explaining in detail her affair.
I confronted her again, and she finally admitted the truth. There was not one word of remorse. She has gone to her mother’s house and now we just transport out son back and forward until the court decides who will gain custody. We have lived together for two years and have a beautiful baby boy. I would give my life to go back six months and prevent this. My last marriage ended in a similar way.
                                                                                    Love Lost
Dear Love Lost:                                                                           
Going back in time would not change who she is. Women cheat for many reasons; emotional and physical are a few. The signs 
were there, but out of your want and need you fell for the okie doke. When someone shows you they are not honest or 
responsible, you don’t try to convert them. You stop dating them.
Your marital status doesn’t affect your parental status. Do 
everything possible for your son, no matter what the quality of the 
relationship with his mother. Since this has happened twice now, take a second look to determine what you might be
 doing wrong.
 *If there are no winners in cheating. Why does the game continue to be played? 
***Dr. Karen R. January is an expert in youth development as well as male-female relationships.  Her book, ¨Lessons Mama Never Taught Me,¨ profiles 10 women and the mistakes they made in parenting, love and life.  It can be purchased at Amazon.com.  Please send your questions to Dr. Karen at askdrjanuary@gmail.com.

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