Why a Little Boy Got Shot 9 times for Laughing


Complete and utter senselessness is how you could describe the shooting death of an Indiana teenage boy whose only crime was that he laughed at a neighbor.

Family and friends described Kobe Jones, 13, of Gary, Ind. as a happy-go-lucky kid who loved a good joke and laughed often. However, on this fateful day, those enviable characteristics would cost him his life.

According to the reports, Jones outside with friends when one of his neighbors began yelling in rage. The man and his girlfriend had been victimized by burglars and didn’t know who was the culprit. The couple began questioning neighbors in an effort to get a description of the thieves or procure any information that would lead to arrests, reported ABC7 in Northwest Indiana.

When they didn’t get any positive, the man yelled as a small crowd looked on.

Jones was laughing at the man’s emotional outburst. The man, who was already enraged, became homocidal at the site of a boy laughing at his pain. The man quickly approached the teenager and shot him nine times.

Realizing the horror and tragedy he created, the man and his girlfriend fled the scene as their neighbors looked on in shock.

The man and woman, however, would return to the scene of the crime hours later and peacefully turned themselves in to police.

Police said they will not file any charges until at least Monday.


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