Whoopi Goldberg Defends Bill Cosby . . .


  • Whoopi Goldberg questioned on ‘The View’ why Cosby accuser Barbara Bowman never went to the police
  • She came forward in 2005 following a lawsuit brought by  law suit accusing Cosby of drugging and groping
  • Bowman’s initial report stated that she was drugged and almost raped

By Kai EL’ Zabar
Whoopi Goldberg rose to Bill Cosby’s defense as claims he raped more than a dozen women are reported.
The View star expressed skepticism  about allegations by Barbara Bowman that the 77-year-old comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1985.
Ms Bowman said that she went to a lawyer, who laughed at her when she tried to say that Cosby had sexually assaulted her multiple times when she was an aspiring actress and model.
Goldberg asked why Ms Bowman didn’t go to the authorities for proof that she was raped. It’s a legitimate question. I asked the same question. Whoopi Goldberg also expressed skepticism of rape claims against Bill Cosby and wondered why accuser Barbara Bowman never went to the police. Further Ms. Bowman originally said that she was drugged and almost raped. She claimed then that she awoke and was dressed in a t-shirt and wasn’t sure that anything had happened.  It’s 2014 and she now says, “I am certain I was raped.”
Whoopi Goldberg  is skeptical over Bill Cosby rape accuser as  am I as are many others. At the time the investigating officer admitted that there was no evidence for any of the then allegations made by any of the women. What I don’t understand about her claim is this; she describes her initial drugging and rape to have occurred at age 18 and explains that she continued to meet up with him again and again to be drugged and rapped over and over. I just can’t  grasp the rationale.  She wasn’t living in his house, as are many incest victims  who can’t escape. So okay I’ll give you one time, that first time that you claimed to be an almost rape. Then why would you continue to meet with someone who drugs and rapes you?  That sounds suspicious.
Whoopi wants to know why would she go to the police, she was certainly old enough to make that choice.  ‘Perhaps the police might have believed it. Or the hospital. Don’t you do a kit when you say someone has raped you?’ she asked.
‘But there was a settlement,’ co-host Rosie O’Donnell said, referring to a suit brought by another woman, Andrea Costand, in 2006. ‘So that’s the thing that’s curious.’  Yes and the settlement closed a law suit that did not claim rape.
Ms Bowman said she didn’t tell anyone, including the police, about the alleged sexual assault for years because she believed that Cosby was too famous and too powerful for anyone to take her seriously. Later Bowman joined the  Costand case as a witness but that’s when she claimed that she was drugged and almost raped. Today she has a different recollection.
She said she couldn’t even tell her mother about what allegedly happened.  Why not?
Personally I think that Bowman and Joan Tarshis, who came forth for the first time claiming she too was drugged and raped by Cosby. She was also an aspiring  actress. Give me a break. Andrea Costand took Cosby to court and received a settlement because they had participated in a relationship. Interestingly enough she did not claim rape but rather that she had been, “drugged and groped.” It was Cosby who admitted to having had consensual sex with her and apologized to his wife.  However he said of Bowman, “it’s all lies.”
Now here’s my take. I think that if there was sex  the women participated willingly and were looking for something more than what they got. They didn’t claim rape before because there was no rape. If you’re raped like Whoopi said, ‘report it  and have  a rape kit done. The DNA would have proved Cosby’s DNA and that would have been sufficient to file a law suit. So all that talk about he was too powerful to fight is ridiculous especially coming from white  women who always seem to have the law on their side. It seems that these one aspiring actresses are seeking their 15 seconds of fame and will take wherever it leads them; talk shows, internet fame, tweet pandemonium, maybe a reality tv show, commercials etc., or even a settlement.
Thank God that Cosby refuses to dignify it.


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