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New Era Chicago youth takes to the streets

NEC youth Keonnie White picking up trash on 75th and Harvard

In a sight rarely seen in over 50 years, some are calling the New Era Chicago movement – a revival of Black Power. New Era Chicago or NEC for short, descended upon Greater Grand Crossing yesterday afternoon canvassing block by block, encouraging neighbors to love one another, handing out information on local Black businesses, and picking up the garbage in the streets.

“I haven’t seen anything like this since we did it when I was in my 20s,” said seventy-year-old Lawanda Johnson. “Our children need to see more of this. Men, women, and children, families working together side by side. Everyone, I know we can do it,” she stated. “We did it before and we can do it again.”

The group chanted powerful affirmations such as “I’m Black and I’m proud” and “All power to the people” as they marched in formation. The sight of young Black people standing together inspired many people to honk their horns, come out of their houses and throw their fists in the air in a show of solidarity.

But it was the children that were touched in the most profound manner. Hear what they had to say and vote in our poll.

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