Welch-Backed Pay Equity Reform Now Law

HILLSIDE, Ill. – A measure sponsored by state Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch, D-Hillside, that aims to close the wage gap by prohibiting employers from using unfair practices to force women and people of color into a lifetime of lower pay was recently signed into law.
“I refuse to stand by and let my daughter live in a world that unfairly discriminates against her in the workplace,” Welch said. “Women deserve equal pay for equal work and we need to make that a reality in Illinois by continuing to pass reforms like this new law.”
Welch sponsored and helped pass House Bill 834, which updates the Equal Pay Act by prohibiting employers from requiring job candidates to submit their current wage or salary history. Given historic wage discrimination based on gender and race, banning this unfair
practice will prevent a history of unfair pay from following women and minorities from job to job. Gov. J.B. Pritzker recently signed the bill into law.
“As a strong advocate for equal pay, I know that this fight is not over and we must remain vigilant to ensure that women are compensated fairly,” Welch said. “I pledge to continue my efforts to ensure that my daughter is afforded the same economic and career opportunities as her male peers.”
For more information regarding contact Rep. Welch’s full-time constituent service officeat 708-450-1000 or repwelch@emanuelchriswelch.com.

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