Vehicle Safety Day Offers Free Services to Prevent Car Theft

Free GPS Tracking Installation, Catalytic Converter Markings and more!

In the last year, Chicago has seen a profound increase in auto theft across the city. In 2022, over 15,000 cars were stolen, with 3,000 reported in October alone, marking the highest car theft month in 20 years. In particular, Kia and Hyundai owners make up the majority of victims. During the summer of 2022, theft of Kias and Hyundais skyrocketed by an astounding 787% in Cook County.

To combat this ongoing crisis, the Chicago Police Department (CPD)’s Community Policing Office hosted a community event last week and distributed free steering wheel locks to Hyundai and Kia drivers. To further their efforts to assist drivers in remaining vigilant, the 7th District CPD is hosting Vehicle Safety Day, this Saturday, February 18th, at De Luna Muffler & Auto Services (6200 S. Ashland Ave.), from 10 am to 1 pm.


Vehicle safety Day  will offer drivers the following free services and resources: 

  • Catalytic Converter Markings
  • GPS Tracking Install
  • Steering Wheel Locks
  • Vehicle Safety Tips 


Hyundai owner, Ashley Carodine, stopped by the 7th District police station to pick up a free steering wheel lock.”It’s a big issue and a concern, because you don’t want to have that feeling like ‘I don’t know if my car’s going to be where it’s supposed to be,’” stated Carodine. She went on to share that in addition to the steering wheel lock, the station gave more information and details  “They [CPD] helping us out by giving us the stuff that we need, so I’m going to pass out the information I got and just pray and hope that things will get better.”


The spike in car thefts is credited to a viral TikTok video, where thieves demonstrate the simplicity of how to break in and start the engine in minutes. Several reports indicate minors as the main culprits. “These kids don’t have guidance,” shared Carodine. “If you’re not installing or teaching your kids right from wrong, they’re not going to know” that what they’re doing is wrong. 


Aside from the stress, inconvenience and financial hit many victims are experiencing, certain insurance companies, such as Progressive and State Farm, announced that they will not offer theft coverage for certain Kia and Hyundai models. As for current policy holders, some drivers have seen drastic increases in their monthly statements. 


Southside native, Cheryl Scott, owner of a Kia Sorento’s insurance policy increased by an additional $300 per month compared to her previous policy term. “This is crazy,” stated Scott. “I work hard to have reliable transportation, so to be financially penalized specifically for my type of car is ridiculous.” 


Indeed, this continues to be an ongoing crisis, and Chicagoans are encouraged to remain vigilant and utilize all resources available. For more information on the 7th District’s Vehicle Safety Day, please contact the Community Policing Office at 312-747-6722. 



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