Twitter blames Drake for Serena’s shocking loss at U.S. Open

NEW YORK –Because Serena, the world’s most dominant athlete and perhaps the greatest women’s tennis player of all time, suffered a shocking, heartbreaking and inexplicable loss to a no-name, unranked and old underdog Roberta Vinci, 32, most folks need something to cling onto to explain it away.
Rapper Drake, who has been seen in Serena Williams guest box in the past couple of majors, was the perfect foil and target for a legion of heartbroken Serena disciples worldwide whose day is darker after the world’s No. 1 tennis player failed to vanquish an inferior foe en route to achieving the calendar Grand Slam (winning all four majors in the same year). She already has the “Serena Slam” for holding all four majors as the same time, but they happened over the course of two calendar years, much the way it happened for Tiger Woods in gold back in 2000.
Some of the ire directed at Drake borders on lunacy, but it is funny nevertheless. Take a look.



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