Top 10 Cities For Young People


How do you determine the best city for young people to live in the entire world?

It’s a tricky and subjective endeavor to say the least, but a new global index has ranked 25 of the world’s major cities based on qualities most attractive for people between the ages of 15 and 29.

YouthfulCities, a global social venture, ranked the metropolises using 80 different indicators, including business, lifestyle and entertainment, as part of a larger initiative to challenge youth to build better cities.

The winner of the “Most Youthful City Of 2014” embodies the perfect milieu of youth employment, digital access and nightlife, according to the YouthfulCities inaugural index for 2014.

“It’s a city that’s amongst the most diverse in the world. It’s got a great film and music scene and it’s on the leading edge of things like digital access. On an economic standpoint, it’s a pretty good place even up against its American competition,” YouthfulCities co-founder Robert Barnard told the Global News.

(Hint: The city was also ranked the second best city in North America to snag a millionaire husband.)

Barnard also told the Global news that young people were involved in each step of the ranking process — from data collection to creating comparisons between cities.

“More than half of the world’s population is under 30 and more than half live in cities. It’s clear that cities will shape our world,” Barnard said in a written statement. “And it is clear that the cities that will thrive and prosper are those that are able to attract and empower young people.”

Earlier this month, news organization Vocativ ranked America’s top 35 best cities for young adults and had a far different outcome, ranking Portland, Ore., as No. 1 for its cheap pot, strong job market and surplus of music venues.

Scroll through the gallery below to see if your city made the list:

  • 10. Seoul

    While South Korea’s capital finished 10th, it won first overall in the ‘environmental sustainability’ category and narrowly beat out Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the last spot on the list.

  • 9. Tokyo

    Tokyo landed ninth on the impressive list, but came first in the ‘economic status’ category. The bustling and quite expensive city also ranked 25th worldwide for overall civic participation.

  • 8. Los Angeles

    The sunny ‘City of Angels’ came in eighth place on the list but landed first overall in ‘entrepreneurship.’ Keep making those small business dreams happen, LA.

  • 7. London

    Big Ben’s home ranked seventh overall and finished second in ‘diversity’.

  • 6. Chicago

    The Windy City came in sixth place, narrowly losing to Dallas in the public space, sports and gaming categories.

  • 5. Paris

    The ‘City Of Light’ landed fifth place overall in the index but ranked first in the fashion and art category, thanks to its surplus of art museums and world-renowned fashion week.

  • 4. Dallas

    The home of the Dallas Cowboys landed an impressive fourth place overall, while also ranking first overall in public space, sports and gaming and second overall in entrepreneurship.

  • 3. New York City

    New York City nearly made it to the top of the list, landing at number three for its outstanding civic participation and high youth employment. However, the city also had the lowest score overall in education access, where it achieved the lowest score of all North American and European cities, except for Istanbul.

  • 2. Berlin

    The art hub of Europe came in a close second on the top 10 list but ranked first in the music and film category, most likely for its heavy electronic music scene and film festivals.

  • 1. Toronto

    The winner of the world’s most youthful city is Toronto. Rob Ford’s home ranked No. 1 for all of the following categories: diversity, digital access, youth employment, financial access, economic status, food and nightlife, music and film, fashion and art, public space, and sports and gaming. Congrats!

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