Tiny slams husband T.I. after fight with Floyd Mayweather

T.I.’s wife also slams fans: ‘I didn’t start the fight’

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Drama and intrigue within the Harris household were ratcheted up multiple notches after T.I. confronted boxer Floyd Mayweather — again — about his wife, this time at a Las Vegas Fatburger which incited a chair-tossing, fist-throwing brawl.
T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, was chastised by fans who believe she deliberately initiated the drama by posing in pics with Mayweather and causing the whole altercation.
Tiny snapped back at one Instagram follower:
“I aint put that n**** in s***! You see that n**** in the media with different b****hes don’t come at me with that s*** about no pix with a friend…..f*** you & whoever feel like u!
The fans came right back at Tiny and the two sides went back and forth on the issue of whether the singer-turned-reality star purposely tried to make her husband jealous, sparking the fight between the rapper and boxer.

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