This is Not Personal



Carl D. West

This is not the first time I’ve heard political operatives admit to being upset at individuals like me and other Black media voices for being judgmental.


But, this is what one elected official stated recently. And he sounded like he spoke on behalf of the masses of public servants in the Black community. It was in regards to a request to Black City Council members to meet with community advocates who are attempting to put together a powerful strategy for taking over the 5th floor at City Hall now that its current CEO has decided to jump ship.


So-called leaders’ feelings are hurt. Politicians who are supposed to work for the people who elected them are now upset that the same community they reluctantly represent has been questioning their loyalty. Really? But these same hurt elected officials ignored the disrespect being directed at them often by their commander on the 5th floor. Didn’t they feel any type of way about that? Heck, the citizens pay their salaries, we have the right to question their loyalty.


Now they wanna flex against the people in Black media and from their community who’ve been extremely judgmental of them during their time in the City Council or in the State Legislature. Some should be upset at no one but themselves. They’re holding down an elected position that has been weak at best in terms of what they’ve brought back to the community they allegedly represent.


This ain’t personal! This is all business! If your skin is too soft to hear the complaints from the community but tough enough to allow your boss to denounce, dismiss and/or ignore the quality of life issues within the very communities in which most of you live, work and play–how sad and unfortunate! Your anger and displeasures are totally misguided.


Again, this ain’t personal! People are starving and dying–not from gun violence but from the lack of resources, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, lack of jobs and economic opportunities, poor education, as well as a lack of care and concern from the people who are supposed to care and be concerned.


It’s not just the politicians, it’s the prominent business people who ignore their own communities. Where are their investments? It can be incremental investments in coffee houses, art and sandwich shops, community-based organizations and others types of micro to small-size upstarts.


Like Jermaine Jackson stated in one of his hit title songs, “Don’t Take it Personal.” You really don’t have the right to be perturbed because certain individuals criticize your performances while in office way too long.


As Mayor Emanuel stated so perfectly: “It should be a job of a lifetime, not for a lifetime!”


Carl D. West is the CEO/Publisher of TBTNews and founder of the TRUTH 4 Literacy Foundation, Leadership Luncheon, Legend and Pioneer Awards, all powered by Midwest Gap Enterprise.


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