The One Thing Crucial for Weight Loss (That Almost Everyone Forgets)

Eric Audras via Getty Images

When we embark on a weight-loss journey it’s natural to focus on what we eat, how often we exercise and ensuring that we are drinking enough fluids… simple, right?
Well, not exactly!
Our body also needs something that is crucial for weight loss and it’s often overlooked or not mentioned by weight-loss “experts.”
So what is the missing ingredient? The one thing that you can easily adjust yourself and it doesn’t break the bank, cause an injury or make you sweat.
The answer is “sleep.” Getting enough shut-eye is vital to losing weight and also maintaining optimum health. We’ve become so busy that we often feel we need to squeeze every last minute out of our day. Our “busy-ness” is costing us in the form of extra centimeters around our waistline and this leaves us lacking the energy we need to make good food choices.
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