The arrival of Fear

Pig Girl protection
Somewhere in Germany
Two world collide as all eyes stand watch.
Historical enemies so it seems, dating back to the Christian
Europe holds its breath as a new religion threatens its foundation.
Talk of terrorist is everywhere, and all arm themselves with sprays and
pistols that shoot blanks, stores have sold out and guns that shoot bullets are forbidden.
Electric shockers bought by the thousands as stores cry for more.
The bonanza for the arms sales is at an all time high in what is normally
a safe region of the world where women ride bikes alone at 3 o’clock in the morning without one thought of attack.
Now Germans are speaking in hushed tones in public places but behind closed doors talk is of betrayal at the highest levels of government and anger at their new guest.
How could you bring in so many is the cry on the streets, and in the beer halls.
Reporting of women being attacked by Moslem men or men from North Africa in crowded festivals.
The protest and paranoia is a reminder of a time when a little man with a small patch of hair on his lip created hate and killings that even today are shocking.
And now cooler heads are being taken over by the very ones whom wish to incite fear and anger.
The photo is a costume created as a direct insult to all who are Moslem as if the entire population is dangerous or molesters.
The woman in the picture is wearing a pigs costume with the idea that you will not be touched if you wear this because Moslem men will not touch pig. This is a “protection suit for German woman” the sign says.
The humor in this has to be European it lacks of any sensitivity to the millions of Moslems who are law abiding and respectful of their new home and it’s customs.
This is only the beginning of a soon to be out of control hysteria, as millions more arrive in the coming months.
This is the sad part of this sorry situation, most of these people landing here are in need of a safe haven, most of those in fear have forgotten the effect war has on a country bombed to the ground, as their grand parents fled to other countries for a safe place to live.
How Germany handles it will be of great interest to the rest of Europe as many countries are closing its borders and saying no to any more of these people in need.


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