Terrence Howard Accused Of Giving Ex Beat Down While On Vacation



Actor Terrence Howard (pictured) and his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent (pictured), are obviously a match made in hell, so why did they reportedly arrange to vacation together in Costa Rica last week with his family members?  And why are they now duking it out verbally, with Ghent accusing Howard of giving her a beat down after a heated argument ensued.  Howard, on the other hand, is claiming that Ghent maced not only him but his family members as well, reports TMZ.


The toxic couple divorced last May, after battling each other in court with nasty accusations in tow. The debacle was front page fodder for the tabloids for months on end.

Ghent and Howard were married for just one year, when Ghent decided to seek a divorce from him. At the time, Ghent accused Howard of using her as a punching bag, which she claims began just seven days after they said, “I do.” Howard, on the other hand, called Ghent every word in Webster’s for racist, including some made-up words too.

After the ultimately bitter divorce was finalized, many thought the pair would stay far away from each other for good.


Apparently, Ghent reportedly accompanied Howard on a family trip to Costa Rica and World War IV erupted. The accusations of violence occurred again, and police were summoned — again — with both Howard and Ghent revisiting the ugly place they once found themselves in.

And while Howard and Ghent have denied the accusations from each other, Ghent is allegedly going to court to get a restraining order against her former hubby.

Will they ever learn?

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