Sylvia Fedrick’s New Single “Shine” Motivates Women To Practice Self-Care

Sylvia Fedrick is an award-winning contemporary Gospel/Christan Artist and founder of Fed Up Productions. The Chicago native, known as “The Gospel Breeze,” has been a driving force in the music industry. Her music is medicine that soothes the soul.

Fedrick is the founder of the Annual Hat & Glove Inspiration Breakfast. Fedrick was selected as the 2013 Chicago Defender Women of Excellence. Fedrick is passionate when it comes to giving back to the community. She is involved in several local and national organizations to empower women and youth mentorship.

Fedrick’s new Neo-Soul single and music video “Shine,” available on iTunes, inspires women to take a break and love themselves.

Sylvia Fedrick Chicago Defender
Sylvia Fedrick, 2013 Chicago Defender Woman of Excellence

Tammy Gibson: What inspired you to write the song “Shine?”

Sylvia Fedrick: I have been working on my sixth studio project for the past couple of years. The pandemic had put a damper on things. I was able to get two of the singles completed. As I got older, what inspired me was that nothing is more valuable in the world than a relationship with God and self. I realized that self must come first. As women, we tend to get buried in everything, such as family, work, and our education. Things seem to take priority over ourselves. You must learn that you have to love yourself more than anyone else can love you. We are notorious for nurturing everybody else but ourselves.

TG: What led you on the path to becoming a gospel singer?

SF: I do contemporary gospel, but I’m more of an inspirational Neo-Soul jazz artist. My father, Larry V. Fedrick, started coaching and training me when I was a little girl. I used to sing nursery rhymes, and my father would record me singing. My father was a singer but didn’t get to pursue his music career, so he focused on me and taught me jazz, blues, and gospel music. I performed in talent shows, stage productions, and competitions. During the 1980s, I was very active in the music industry. I recorded with two groups, Rare Form and Kajsa. House Music and Pop Music was the genre I was into. House Music was very prevalent and is the mecca of Chicago.

I had a 13-year hiatus when I got married. I wasn’t able to be active in the music industry. When I got divorced, I started to pursue and focus on my music career. I released my first solo project in 2008, “Sister Under God’s Construction.”

TG: What awards have you won throughout your impressive music career?

SF: My first award was in 2010 through the Black Essence, and I was also nominated for the 2012 Chicago Gospel Jubilee Awards. I received several awards through Poze Productions, an organization for independent artists, co-founded by rapper Doug E. Fresh, the Akademia, based out of California, that honors independent artists, and the Music Love Awards in 2014.

I was recently nominated for four categories in the Gospel Choice Music Awards. I was honored as the 2013 Women of Excellence for my foundation, “Hat and Glove Inspiration Breakfast.” There are many platforms that I have been honored. I have been blessed in this fantastic journey.

Sylvia Fedrick Chicago Defender
Sylvia Fedrick and Marshall Thompson from the ChiLites

TG: Marshall Thompson, the founding member of the Chi-Lites, is the Executive Producer of your new single. How did you meet and work with Marshall Thompson?

SF: Marshall Thompson, the last surviving member of the Chi-Lites, has followed my career for the past 13 years.

I met Marshall in 2010 at a gala benefit where he was performing. At the time, I was co-hosting a radio show on WYCA. I asked Marshall if I could interview him on my show, he agreed, and we have been friends ever since.

My single, “Shine,” was released under Mar-ance Records, founded by Marshall and Joe Jackson, the father of Michael Jackson. Marshall is the Chief Executive Officer of the record label. Marshall promised me that he would guide me and pay special attention to my music. He liked my work ethic in the music business. I received many rejections in the music industry during my career, but I kept on pushing. I started recording with Mar-ance Records in 2021. It’s an honor to have a legend, such as Marshall Thompson, support me and my music career.

TG: What do you want women to learn from your single “Shine.”

SF: I want women to feel empowered, fall in love with themselves and feel the presence of God because I believe he does exist. I want women to realize that self-love is priceless and always believe in themselves. We get lost in everything around us and forget who we are. I’m so grateful for Women’s History Month, which recognizes trailblazing women and their contributions.

For more information about Sylvia Fedrick and the release of her new album, “Faith, Trust, Determination,” go to For bookings, contact Marshall Thompson at

Tammy Gibson is an author, re-enactor, and black history traveler. Find her on social media @sankofatravelher.

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