Spring Cleaning Tips for 2022

Welp….it’s that time again. As Old Man Winter begins to bid his last icy adieu, Spring will hop in with a much-needed reset. March is an extremely popular time to clean, refresh and release. Questions of “where do I start” or “hire professionals or just DIY” tend to persist some thoughts. Especially with ever-changing COVID-19 protocols with outside openings, we need to be more diligent. The Chicago Defender spoke with Black Owned Cleaning companies, Chicago’s Just Clean Inc CEO Karine Rosime, and The Vision Co Indy CEO Vanetta Rogers located in Indianapolis.
The number of remote workers has exploded within the last 18 months. Now, many people, have an additional space to keep tidy. Rosime’s suggests cleaners such as Weiman wipes are great for electronics. Additionally, using peroxide base products are good for removing bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more. They leave a fresh, clean scent. Office chairs must be wiped down(disinfected)/vacuumed very often or even daily. Rogers insists on being careful to never use cleaner directly onto the equipment. Do however use canned air to rid of dust debris then the cloth for fingerprints.
As adjusting to changes in the workplace, household chores can pile up. The “Things I Have to Do” list can quickly turn into an endless scroll. For some, major tasks are conquered in a smooth approach completing one room and working over a month’s time frame. With unnecessary stress and anxiety this can cause, Rogers gives tips to tackle a huge task. She said to focus on what is actually used vs needed. You will gain perspective on how you’re living. Decompressing areas assist mentally by keeping things need in a visible space without being too cluttered. Some go to Over-the-counter products Rosime has are Lysol disinfecting items, Meyers, and peroxide-based products. Rogers staples are Clorox Disinfectant Wipes/Cleaner with Aunt Annie Vinegar Cleaner.
Despite various businesses and event closures, many still had to travel on public transportation for work and/or other activities. Buses, planes, or rideshares are a haven of unknown germs. Roger swears by TRAVEL SIZE DISINFECTANT WIPES and Spray are a must-have for anyone.  Rosime creates a personal care package in a ziplock bag that includes gloves and hand sanitizer.
The Midwest is known for brutal, cold winters. With this battle, slushy dirty snow, ice, and rock salt will cause havoc on your car/truck. While watching cleaning labels, Rosime states a warm damp cloth with Fabuloso to wipe down all inside surfaces. A great DIY idea from Roger is 1 cup of peroxide, 2 cups of distilled water, a couple of drops of lemon juice or lemon essential oils for a cleaning solution. (Peroxide does have to be diluted properly) Both suggestions are great for soft surfaces. Leaving a wonderful scent with disinfectant properties.
Both ladies are in agreement with deep cleaning your home at least quarterly with regular daily/monthly maintenance. Hiring a professional cleaner can allow relaxation and ease the day. At times, working to family obligations to just trying to balance life can be overwhelming. When you walk into a space that is clean, you have instant comfort. It’s a burden lifted or simply one more task you don’t feel bad about not completing.  A second pair of eyes may bring attention to the things overlooked or not necessarily realized. This form of self-care is something worth the return investment.
Learn more about The Vision Company by contacting Vanetta Rogers, CEO/ Visionary.  Instagram & Facebook: The Vision Co. Indy
For more information on Just Clean, Inc, Contact Karine Rosime CEO/President, @JustCleanInc on social media. Phone: (312)631-1346
Email: just.cleanincinfo@gmail.com

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