She Wants To Sleep With Two Men. What Should She Do? Ask Dr. Karen


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Dear Dr. Karen:
I am 22 years old, and currently involved in a wonderful relationship with a man I’ve been with for six months. Recently, I was contacted by another man I dated briefly right after high school on Facebook. I ended the relationship but, I have thought about him many times over the years.
We  agreed to meet and the chemistry was very strong. My problem is making a decision. I’ve compared the two, and I keep coming up with feelings for both of them. I’ve done the pros and cons and found that each one has the same amount of qualities that I care about. If I let one go, I will most likely spend my life wondering if I should have chosen the other one. Maybe I should keep both.
                                                                            ~   Wondering
Dear Wondering:
Chemistry is good but there is more to a relationship than hot sex! Your pros and cons do not state anything about love. You know what kind of relationship you have now and you stated that it is a good one. The other guy is a questions mark.
You are young, single, and not in a committed relationship but remember the grass always looks greener on the other side. You want to know if you should keep both?Until, you figure it out make sure you have plenty of condoms on hand for your very strong chemistry! 
I wonder how many of us have been in this same or similar situation. And, we weren’t necessarily 22 years old! Just saying!
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