Serena Williams Wins Landmark 20th Major but . . .

Serena Williams is the greatest in the tennis game today and on her way to being the greatest ever.
Serena Williams is the greatest in the tennis game today and on her way to being the greatest ever.

Five Reasons Why Serena is the Worlds Best . .  . According other Trainer

Serena Williams has demonstrated her prowess at the the undisputed force in women’s tennis in recent years.  She has won an incredible 19 grand slams titles and  recently won the French Open 2015 for the Third time.

Her current coach,  Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou who began coaching her in 2012, shares  what sets her apart from her rivals. Interestingly, she attributes her skill to all that she is even before he came into her life. So it seems some credit might be given to her father who was her initial coach.

Together Mouratoglou and Williams  trophy tally since they teamed up includes a Wimbeldon, an Olympic gold medal, three U.S. Open titles, A Rolan Garros title and an Austrian Crown, lifting her back up to the pinnacle of the women’s game.

Mouratoglou States the Five Main Reasons for Serena’s Dominance in the Game are:


  1. She has a Champion Mentality– Mouratoglou says, she has the ability to win because she refuses to lose she refuses to lose. She’s an unbelievable competitor since she entered the tennis arena 20 years ago. She won her first grand Slam at the 1999 U. S. where she defeated Martina Hingis in the final.
  2. She’s the most professional player on tour,” explains Mouratglou. Her focus, her direction . . . she’ unbelievably professional “the 33-uyear old has won 66 WTA titles during her career.
  3. Power Play, her power makes her the most powerful player by far,” says Mouratoglou. “She hurts opponents with her strokes, forehand, backhand, serve, whatever. So that’s the third reason
  4. High Standards – The fourth is that she aims high all the time, and when she doesn’t do unbelievably well she says it’s unacceptable, so she’s very demanding with herself.”
  5. Mouratoglou swears , “Her serve is the best in women’s tour of all time, and if I had to give one example the first tournament we won together was Wimbledon 2012. During that tournament she served more aces than any women or men. And men play five sets. Completely incredible.

 But here’s the thing . . .

Moments  after she won the match beating Lucie Safarova  to win the French Open she was instead of hailed for her great skill as a tennis player but rather attacked with the same, familiar racist, sexist and totally inappropriate remarks and comments that have followed her all her career. This is especially shameful after she delivered her thank you speech in  French which should have especially moved the French who demand that you speak their language when in their country. But instead they praise and lauded Safarova for speaking English, not her first language. Really? are you kidding us? Unfortunately I am not.

The sad thing is that these people feel so comfortable in doing so. Being disrespectful and racist.  It’s the same type of disrespect that they show The president and First Lady. So when moments surrounding win she was compared to an animal, likened to a man, and deemed frightening  and horrifyingly unattractive, we are not shocked. One Twitter wrote that  Williams, “looks like a gorilla and sounds like a gorilla when she grunts while hitting the ball, in conclusion she is a gorilla.” Still another described her as “unbelievably dominant  . . . and manly.”

Of course when confronted the authors tried to justify their hateful comments by dismissing them as mere innocent, individual assessments of Williams looks.   It’s just so difficult to retain any sort of professional decorum and remain logical when people say such idiotic things and thing that you’re suppose to find it acceptable.

Unfortunate this sort of response to Black people has gone on forever.

Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki impersonates Serena Williams by carrying towels under her clothes simulating bigger breasts and bottom, during an exhibition match against Maria Sharapova of Russia at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 7, 2012. AFP PHOTO/Yasuyoshi CHIBAYASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images
Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki impersonates Serena Williams by carrying towels under her clothes simulating bigger breasts and bottom, during an exhibition match against Maria Sharapova of Russia at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 7, 2012. AFP PHOTO/Yasuyoshi CHIBAYASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images


Serena Williams was made fun of in 2012 by Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki as she impersonates Williams by exaggerating  her assets to look more like Williams. It’s such insidious behavior. We witness this as a way to caricaturing Blacks, make fun of their physique, mannerisms,  behaviors, culture, dietary habits etc., and yet we also witness those who do so actually alter their bodies through undergarment clothing, apparel and cosmetic surgery to acquire the very assets and or traits and habits that their race criticizes Blacks possessing.

Even the he president of the Russian Tennis Federation Shamil Tarpischev  thought it was okay to refer to Serena and Venus Williams as “the Williams brothers” on a television chat show. He was  fined $25,000 and banned from the women’s tour for a year after doing so but he was an official of professional  tennis  and thought it was okay.

Dave Haggerty, president of the United States Tennis Association, called on Tarpischev to issue an apology.

“As the president of the Russian Tennis Federation and a member of the International Olympic Committee, Mr Tarpischev is expected to conduct himself with the highest degree of integrity and sportsmanship,” Haggerty said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, his comments do not embody either of these traits and in fact were reprehensible.”

This is the problem. Too many professionals in the world are too comfortable with disrespecting and degrading  people of  color and particularly Blacks.

The Williams sisters are amongst the best and are professional athletes, have never misbehaved, spoken harshly to or negatively about anyone  in the tennis world.  However there was that moment after beating Maria Sharapova in the women’s singles and she actually reacted by displaying a dance move. Immediately the talk began, journalist , commentators accused her, and word hit the  social media spreading the word, “Serena Williams just

Crip walk: Serena Williams performs an impressive crip walk, right, and poses with her gold medal after beating Maria Sharapova in the women's singles Read more: nerena-Williams-SLAMMED-glamourising-gang-culture-Crip-Walk-dance-Olympic-win.
Serena Williams performs an impressive crip-walk,  after beating Maria Sharapova in the women’s singles 2012

Suddenly Serena Williams was criticized for glamourising gang culture after breaking into a controversial ‘Crip Walk’ on Wimbledon’s grass court.

Celebrating her spectacular Olympic win on Saturday, the tennis star performed a spontaneous rendition of the hip-hop dance that was made famous in the 1970’s by Los Angeles gang The Crips, known for their ruthless murders, drug dealing and affiliation with the Mafia.

After a barrage of criticism on Twitter, Fox Sports reporter Jason Whitlock (a Black Man) weighed into the debate on Monday, labeling Williams’ impromptu jig ‘immature and classless’.

‘What Serena did was akin to cracking a tasteless, X-rated joke inside a church,’ Whitlock wrote in a blog. ‘Serena deserved to be called out. What she did was immature and classless.’

Fellow Fox Sports personality Reid Forgrave (A white  man) added: ‘And there was Serena – the tennis legend, the winner of 14 individual Grand Slams, the best player of her generation, the American girl being crowned at the All-England Club as the queen of tennis , Crip-Walking all over the most lily-white place in the world.

Williams insisted she hadn’t meant anything by the dance – that she was just so overjoyed after thrashing rival Maria Sharapova 6-0, 6-1 to take home gold in the women’s final that her body almost did it of its own accord.

An here’s the thing, it’s cultural. It’s a dance  and it’s not owned by the Crips or anyone else anymore than the Black physique that has been copied  and imitated belongs to anyone individual.   It’s  a dance, it’s a dance, it’s a dance, so what! Serena is not a gang member has never been a gang member so if she wishes to do a celebration movement so be it. And as to Jason Whitlock remark referring to herself   expression as” immature and classless.”  Screw him and his ignorant comment.

Blacks have allowed  whites to define their culture as sub-culture and ‘low’ compared to theirs.  To insult the response of one as Serena who is not of the ilk  that demands such harshness is what makes it racist. If it had been a white athlete who did so imitating a Black person, it would have been easily explained that he or she had no idea that it was associated with the Crips and it would have blown over.  She is a class 1 athlete and doesn’t warrant the type of continuous disrespect she receives whether, it’s racist, sexist or class based.

Meanwhile Serena Williams continues to kick butt and exhibit her athleticism as a champion and is on her way to closing in on Steffi Graf world record.

Williams did the almost unthinkable by blowing a 4-1 advantage in the second set and trailed 2-0 in the third. She recovered, to no one’s surprise, and now only Graf has more majors in the Open Era at 22. With Williams going strong in her early 30s, Graf’s record is under serious threat.

The world No. 1 really has a realistic chance of matching the German in 2015, since she’s claimed five Wimbledon titles and is the three-time defending champion at the U.S. Open.

Of course that would mean Williams winning all four majors in a season, something not accomplished since Graf did it in 1988.


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